Monday, September 6, 2010

Ketura, Sept 5

September 5, 2010

Sunday morning we had a workshop called “Jewish Identity,” which I was worried about, but it turned out to be fun. There was a “store” with “Jewish” items, like a picture of Chanukah, a prayer shawl, a picture of the founding a Tel Aviv, and we had to choose 6 we wanted to “buy.” Then we had two small groups and we talked about what we chose and why, and what we didn’t choose. Our discussion was facilitated by David (the kibbutz guy) and it was really good. I really enjoyed what we all said and hearing from everyone.

We spent a lot of time talking about our neighborhood in Jaffa and our volunteer placements. I signed up to look at 8 places and will probably chose 3 to work at. We’ll start looking at them next week, so that’s cool. I’m really excited to get to see them, and see what I like. We also got to know our volunteer coordinator, Avital (the one from the kibbutz), and she is really cool.

Plus, we had our dinner bbq and night pool party, which was great. The bbq was fun – I’ve never had tahini sauce on a hamburger on pita before, but it was good. Expanding my culinary horizons, and all that. Plus, afterwards, Nancy played with my hair, which was delightful. Also, I found out that Morgan, my number one twinsie, is in love with NCIS too, so we’re going to have viewing parties for sure. And Amy and I are going to have Glee parties. It’s all good in the tv-watching hood.

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