Saturday, September 11, 2010


September 9, 2010

Thursday we went to the beach! It took us about 30 minutes to walk there, although we thought we didn’t take the most direct route. At first it was just Hannah, Stephanie (my roommate) and I, but then a bunch of people from Tel Aviv came and joined us, so that was awesome. I had missed them a lot, so it was great to see them.

And the beach, OH MY GOD. It is the number one best beach I have even been to, minus our very own Kamaole II. The sand is super soft, there are no rocks, and the waves are big enough to be exciting but not scary or hard to get in or out. And the water. Oh my god. It’s incredibly warm, warmer than Maui. If it were any warmer it wouldn’t even be refreshing. It’s also extremely salty, which is fun too. And soft! Soft like Maui water! But the whole thing is just amazing. I feel less bad about missing Maui now, knowing that I can go to this beach and pretend I’m at the Hale Pau Hana. Hopefully we are going to go back today (Saturday) because I want to be there every single moment of my entire life.

Apparently you can bring your dog anywhere on the beaches with you. Which is nice to get to watch the dogs, but not nice because you have to watch your step at all times. We did watch a small fluffy dog try to make babies with a pit bull who was not having it at all. The dog tried for literally two and half hours. We felt bad for him. And the owners did NOTHING. It was kind of strange.

Some of us stayed on the beach to watch the sunset, which was amazing. Our beach faces due west, so it was really nice to get to see the sun drop right into the ocean. And, of course, it was still very warm at sunset, even though we were all in our bathing suits.

After the beach we came home and hung out at our apartment with two of our Tel Aviv friends, which was super nice.


  1. I can't wait to swim at that beach! Hope the weather will be warm enough when we're there.

  2. Do they have the green flash at sunset?