Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fajitas and Florentine

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today I didn’t visit any volunteer sites, although I have two tomorrow. I just hung out and mostly did nothing until Ulpan, which was very good. We played charades at the end. My team lost horribly, but my acting skillz did not let us down. We don’t have ulpan for 5 days in a row (damn Yom Kippur!) so I think we should all play Pictionary and charades to remember vocab words. It’s fun. So far, I have 3 favorite Hebrew words: zarzar (cricket), meeshmeesh (apricot) and melachfafon (cucumber.)

After ulpan, some of us went over to one of the Tel Aviv apartments where Morgan made us FAJITAS! Absolutely delicious fajitas! And she’s from Malibu, so she knows what Mexican food needs to be like. It was amazing. After that, we went out to a bar in the super hippy/trendy bar area, called Florentine. We convinced this guy, Oren, who lives with Morgan and others in one of the apartments to come with us, which was awesome. He is in an army program where he: volunteered for a year, then worked with a youth group for 6 months, served in the army for 6 months, now is supervising at that youth group for a year, then maybe serves another 6 months in the army, and then is done with his service, which is pretty awesome. Also, he was hilarious and knew how to get places, not to mention he read us the entire all-Hebrew menu. Super useful fellow.

So anyway, Allyson was with us, and she was like “Oh, I met this girl who DJs here sometimes, I wonder if she’s here.” Allyson disappears for 30 seconds, then pops out of the first bar we saw saying: “She’s here, and she says we can come to the private birthday party in the back!” So we got to go into this super nice back room (and sing happy birthday?) and it was very awesome. We felt very important. After being there for quite a while, Oren took us to this amazing ice cream store, which was some of the best ice cream in the entire world, in my humble opinion. It was fantastic.

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